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On 20th November in 1998 in Almaty took place scientific conference about the book «Treatise about healing» of Oteiboidak Tleukabyluly (1388-1488). Akim of Almaty Zamanbek Nurkadilov took part in conference. The author will tell about the work which became encyclopedic work.

My name is Oteiboidak Tleukabyluly. It was descended Great zhuz, Zarman, Alban from Zarman. The motherland – Zhetisu, Shalkode – Aigaitas … He is descendant of khan Zhanibek. I am 85 years old. («Treatise about healing», «Zhalyn», 1996 page.65).

We were convinced, that sooner or later comes true after so long time. It was written in “horoscope” of each person in which everything is executed, that is foreordained by Allah. One of the scientific works, published after five and a half of centuries is the book «Treatise about healing» was written by Oteiboidak Tleukabyluly. This work became primordial book of scientists and people read it with pleasure. One more valuable achievement is increased national history, medicine and other spheres of science. This book is an old work, it passed from father to son. It has visited two countries. Abroad being more than one and a half century, it was protected from vandals. Ten years laid under the ground, wrapped up in kazakh felt. In the end was burnt in China. It consisted from five thousand pages of manuscript have remained 1095 burnt pages. And the first pattern work was published in city Urumchi, in the Arabian language, in 1994. For the first time Kazakh readers got acquainted with this work through the international newspaper «Turkistan» was published by writer Nurkasym Kazybekov, and «Treatise about healing» was published in publishing house “Zhalyn” in 1996 in Kazakhstan.

Who knows, majestic scientific work «Treatise about healing» wasn’t written, if healer Oteiboidak would not cure of heavy illness Zhirenshe, vizier of  khan Az Zhanibek who united all of Kazakhs in XV century, had created basis of Kazakh state.

Oteiboidak’s grandfather who was brought up from the studies thousand times blessed to Allah Lukpan khakim wise man Zhyrenshe acquaints (p. 37) with khan Az Zhanibek. The healer, not stumbling, gave answers to all questions of angry khan. Thus, approving words of khan (« All right, well impudent healer ») was given force, power, wings spiritualize seventy to the eight-year healer; have helped to execute the decree of khan. Secondly, khan began to think of words of wise man Zhyrenshe: “ fairness will not die, record of the scientist will not die, the name of the good person will not die”. So, under decree of khan the healer Oteiboidak Tleukabyluly « Treatise about healing» probably wrote in specially allocated construction in White Orda of khan which settled down in edges nowadays Chu, between 1466-1473 (429 p.). Since eight years Oteiboidak went near father and had learned many secrets national healers, learned the reasons of illness and treatment for it, knowing about medical properties of herb on organism of animals depending on 4 seasons, metals and metalloid (non-metal) in bowels of ground, he did valuable medicines, studying  it in the field laboratory.

It could keep strictly technology (manufacturing) of a medicine of father Tleukabyl under assumptions of numbers seven and forty one. He started to write, how the grandfather himself spoke « That has kept in mind that has remembered ».

Trying to execute implicitly khan’s decree, it though wrote the « Treatise about healing» from the point of view of healing (medicine) of that time, nevertheless, it has managed to group such sciences as language, religious education, culture, the historical annals, ethnography, an aesthetics, philosophy, psychology, astronomy, physiology, technology of making of medicines and its uses etc., and also it gives full data on these sciences.

Kazakh people though externally shared on three Ulus (Zhuz), inside it keeps integrity. May be that’s why great healer Oteiboidak Tleukabyluly  before he began to write the book «Treatise about healing» dragging on back greater sacking full medicines and tools, has visited such grounds of Kazakhs as Omsk, Zhezkazgan, Esil, Nura, Torgai, coast of Syr-Darya, Zharkent and the edge Shalkode, etc. investigated many kinds of medicinal herbs. Prepared medicines being between life and death, he had offered the list of medicines, which could help sick people, it was more than 1108 kinds of medicines (probably it was more than) from animals bodies prepared more than 60 mixes and metalloids. There were 1050 names of medicines, 4577 recipes of salutary medicines and more than 430 names of internal and external parts of human body.

National healing – mixed with blood of people, hereditary gift transferred from grandfather to son. Oteiboidak’s grandfather trained to salutary art among people. Therefore native people became his teacher. Probably, as secrets of ayats of the sacred Koran, and in this book « Treatise about healing» were secrets, keys, solutions, special kind of each name, even initial name of the book «The key of healing», and already then « Treatise about healing» great healer Oteiboidak used religion in process of writing also astrology and philosophy, etc., and it proved that these conclusions (dogmas) recognize, admire lines of the sacred Koran.

Before writing « Treatise about healing», under the decree of wise khan Az Zhanibek who tested it, Oteiboidak, payed attention to cleanliness of posterity, asked khan to bear the decree, forbad to get married girls to 7 generation, interdiction of different sort of kisses (in cheeks, lips, etc.), acceptances of strict measures against actions which destroy family, punishments of people who litter around and those places where they live, etc. Only now we learn that basis of the first Zhety Zhargy the Kazakh state, initial Ulus (43 p.). Only today our historians recognize that, the basic author «Zhety Zhargy» is Oteiboidak Tleukabyluly, and Tauke khan (1713ã.) had accepted Zhety Zhargy and there was conclusion that the basic author was Musirali Khozha to shift two centuries forward it could clearly, that history of Kazakhs if will not tower.

Reading the book «Treatise about healing» Oteiboidak Tleukabyluly who had named to steppe eagles, the talent who has left Kazakh village, the traveler of the world, tender “Oteke” of the people who did not pay attention to entertainments, wealth, hot embraces of wife and the baby’s aroma who had devoted more than 80 years of life to science, recognized by people as « Volosaty dervish », heart is filled pride that it has brought the huge contribution to medicine and astrology, and other sciences. Bending head, you recognize that the great scientist has opened some discoveries of 17-18 centuries much earlier.

The scientist has proved, that unity of 10 different material movements of human body (heat, a cold, dryness - liquid, hardness - softness, acceptance, activity - rest), that their basic is six platforms (space, stability, light, darkness, heat, cold), speaks, that they under laws of nature give the place  on a circle.

It considered that vaccination against smallpox for the first time was invented by English doctor Edward Zhanner in 1976 great healer Oteiboidak was invented it much more years earlier.

Way of vaccination very simple: « Pus of a smallpox of the boy smear on blood from a groin one-year-old calf. In a week this place swells up. Then this tumor open, wash, through a reed tubule transfusion in a self-made bag (made of a leather), having perfected a stick as a pencil, put on a part of a hand of the boy between an elbow and metacarpus which is sick of a smallpox, then spend a needle that place. And, at last, the smallpox passed. Now it became known, that the great healer was invented vaccination for 360 years before world medicine.

Oteiboidak in the salutary way “Asthma”, having shrouded in felt of freeze and hardly alive people, by driving, and those who has sunk in water, having lost consciousness, it has left on a tree a head downwards that water and when there were attributes of life from within has flown down, removed from tree and different massages, artificial, removed from tree and different massages, artificial breath, ways turn over there-here, restored them to life.

Both the chapter of the book and the name leave impression as if hide in itself some secret.

If some serial signs mark numbers set of chapters mark conditionally names of a body of the person and double two-three names (the decree of khan of White Orda same – 43 p.). For example: Mouth or nose – 1, eyes-2, eyes  nose (or eyes  mouth - 3), eyes ears – 4, ten hands or hand, ten eyes ears mouth -5, hand  mouth/or hand of eye mouth -8,  hand of an eye ears-9, both … hands / hand-leg – 20, three heads – 30... Forty – 40, both hands double eyes ears/increase 10õ40=100, both hands to double on ten – 10õ5=50, forty plus both hands on ten = 40+15=55, etc.

And illness of the person marked numerical signs (for example when eyes – 1 hurt, hand-leg-20, etc. likely wanted that signs on illness did not know both the patient and extraneous people, probably it is the law of secret of healing.

Oteiboidak Tleukabyluly: « Healing – a kind of art, and a medicine. It is only correct the name – healing. Because, healing cures, it is installed, absorbed, feeds. Healing divide in two categories: presumable healing, – which predicts the future, and – treating healing and names the second more than 26 groups of healers leaving them. Not all call “healer”, as today. And also explains those illnesses depending on seasons, from heat and a cold, or 6 corporal deadlocks and beware mankind (82-83 p.). Names more than 30 kinds of salutary treatment, shows their realization, warning healers, that one thousand years lived Lukpan khakim, was keeper and the owner of all healers, said «Bissimilla» before treatment, holding pulse. That was necessary to said « It is not my hand, it is Lukpan khakim’s hand», strictly warns, that is necessary to adhere to respect for the teacher and to show mercy (48 p.).

Treatment of man should be begun with right, and women with left part. Suggests 8 kinds of soaring body of the sick person (to soar chilly with water, to soar with sand, wet the ferry, to soar, to soar with incandescence, to soar with burning coal, to soar bones. He paid attention to useful food depending on illness. (326, 329-330 p.).

In the book also set lists of jewels, plants, parts of animal’s bodies and natural metalloids and metals with salutary properties (335-360 p.).

Great Oteiboidak said: - « The father who has brought up son to shoot an arrow and the mother who has taught daughter to cut out fur coat », and having taken a management these words Tleukabyl and studied in many things. Many people were lost because of shortage of medicines and on the illiteracy (314 p.) After that it has followed a way of a science.

Not breaking precept of the father « One of forty – is happy, one of seven – sacred », has brought the contribution, having made a curative medicine from a mix of 41 shoots and 7 heads of grasses. So, medicinal grasses were collected by it from 40 different bowels. For example, proceeding from smell of flower, the form of leaves, lower reaches, the solar party, wood, the shadow party, from high places, the aqueous grounds, etc. (315 p.).

Strictly warns during what time, how many times a day from what place to dig out or cut off grass. Even father Tleukabyl said: « At first examine ten fingers of the patient, illness you learn to attributes, for treatment prepare for a medicine on concurrence 3,5,7,13,21,25,41 » - tells Oteiboidak (315 p.). The great healer said that, at will of the Allah, everyone mortal has piles of 7 sacred saviors (keeper).


7 sacred saviors


1 Sacred – taste (grain), 2 Sacred – a name (mind), 3 Sacred - salt, 4 Sacred – the girl, 5 Sacred – the sun (the right hand), 6 Sacred – wide (the ground installed) (a hand a mouth - 6) and Sacred – true (moon), (a hand, eyes - 7) and 41 riches.


41 sign


1. Consciousness – a sign of soul

2. A life – a sign of khan

3. Khan - a sign of throne

4. A throne – a sign of happiness

5. Validity – a sign of accuracy

6. Riches – a sign of an ornament

7. An ornament – a sign of eminence

8. Eminence – a sign of power

9. Respect – a sign of friendship

10. A racer – a sign of the soldier

11. Solidarity – a sign of unity

12. The unshakable soldier – a sign of a spear

13. Strong hands – a sign of the soldier

14. An abundance of water – a sign of lake

15. Work – a sign of grain

16. Conformity – a sign of unity, the consent

17. Art – a sign of knowledge

18. Knowledge – a sign of art

19. Two thresholds – a sign of word

20. Fair bi (leader) – a sign are complete

21. Celebrating of a birth of the child – a sign of a place of honors

22. Kebin – a sign of a tomb

23. A rain – a sign of the ground

24. A corner – a sign of the moon

25. A kind word – a sign of soul

26. An ode – a sign of a word

27. Mind – a sign of an eye

28. Modesty – a sign of good breeding

29. A good onions – a sign of group

30. A board – a sign of the peacemaker

31. A grass – a sign of cattle

32. Fire – a sign of people

33. Water – a sign of cattle, people

34. Death – a sign of death

35. A youth – a sign of happiness

36. Blood – a sign of happiness

37. Respect – a sign of trust

38. Patience – a sign of trust

39. Persistence – a sign of aspiration

40. The patient – a sign of illness

41. Healing – a sign of recover (316-317 p.).


Therefore, the person after the Allah is under protection 7 sacred. These 7 sacred, being in connect with 41 signs, help the person to find happiness, and with accuracy prove, that external space influence is moving human consciousnesses.

 The scientist explained mathematical these two connection. If 7 sacred added to 41 signs (7+41=48) is 48, 48 days off one year, that is 4 days off in each month it turns out 48 in 12 months are equaled. If from it we shall take away 7 days in which the Allah has created 18 thousand worlds (48-7=41). It takes 41 days to recover a patient; it opens one secret of healing.

Now we shall add target, sacred signs the total sum will be forty, both hands ten (40+15=55), from it to take away the moon (55-30=25) remains 25. It warns of anniversary years (on east every 13 years). The baby, at will of the Allah, learns parents in 3 days. First 7 days for the newborn child is danger. After five days at the child the umbilical cord drops out, it is necessary to place it in a cradle. Thus, healing finds out power, properties of numbers 3,5,7,13,21, 25, 41, (318 p.).

Even in those days having divided 360 days of year for 2 180 hot days and 180 cold days, has precisely counted astrological concurrence. Also offers that in a year there are 48 days off, in a week of 7 days (Baktal – Saturday, Battal – Sunday, Attal – environment, Gattal – Thursday and Merece- Friday), 30 days in a month and 4 target (165 p.), In a year 12 month (Ergeu – March, Kokteu – April, Mezgeu – May, Kozgeu – June, Shildeu – July, Tamyzdyk – August, Dandau – September, Saktau – October, Kuiek – November, Irgis – December, Kantar – January, Kauys - February), and also, the table of chronology (Sumakty – the mouse, Mangaz – the cow, Aibar – a leopard, Sekem – the rabbit, Sumon – the snake, Tulpar – a horse, Irtek – a dragon, Shoran – the ram, Meshin – the monkey, Aitak – a dog, Shakyrauyk – the cock, Korysky - a pig). Allah knows, having created 18 thousand worlds happiness of mankind. Oteiboidak’s religious knowledge, influence of healing depending on a month, feature of the name of each year, gives scientific instructions to anniversary age (166-175 p.).

About twenty years investigating internal organs of animals, having defined their similarity to human organs, creates the anatomic list of names of internal and external organs of the person (152-164).

Highly having estimated a role of iron in human body, names iron-master healings (126). In those days, the scientist said that people and animal are similar. In such chronology way opens law of similarity, conformity of 12 external organs with 12 internal organs of the person (176-177).

After that to learn from what of 24 organs depends the human life, has ordered to kill the sheep for the visitor, and hammers it by having knocked stone on a head. Then ordered to cut the second sheep. And  second hammers, having struck a knife in a breast and pulls out heart. People having counted, that Oteiboidak has gone mad on science, hold him fastened. After clearing it reflects, about that spirit, soul of animals and people are identical, the Allah takes away their souls equally, and made such conclusion, explained bi (leader), that has acted thus in the scientific purposes. Thus, in field laboratories, on the ground Alban in the Shalkode, names and in the Kazakh language, as a science of anatomy and human physiology are born for the first time.

Explained  rescue ways of people when they burns, freezes on a cold (94-95) and rolls in water. Gives direction to healers, different ways to define types of illnesses (206-208).

Explained as very dangerous illnesses as a smallpox and a leprosy are treated, and Diversity of cattle conditionally speaks about the order, that «outside and inside of person » (221).

Attaches significance on sweat, become white and grey, loss and dilution hair on head and on body. For example: « if women has hair on breast it means she is the ancestor baryr, will give birth to the son of batryr. And she is brave and if men has hair it is sign of bravery, to sanctity » - said Oteiboidak (222).

It also explains about ways touch pulse, definitions of illness on pulse and treatments on pulse (236).

Shows, which change of time, hourly changes in day influence pulsation. The environment and the internal environment influence 24 organs, and prompts ways of definition on changes of palpation of human pulse 72 times a minute a little, much, quickly, slowly, poorly, hardly, noticeably, with poison, etc. (270-276).

Or 24 organs of the person (external-12, internal-12) during one period (3 months of summer) 24õ3=72 time change, during 4 periods of year it changes 72õ4=288 time. One more secret – if to 48 annual happiness of the person to add number of organ (48+24=72) again to leave holding body in normally number is 72.

The second scientifically-numerical proof – if from 360 days of year we shall subtract 288 changes in a year (360-288=72), number will be 72. It means 72 dangers to the person in a year (238-252 p.). Here being only one part of secrets of definition for us and for  science.

Oteiboidak Tleukabyluly is the scientist who made his contribution and in a heavenly science (astrology).

As the scientist he said that, each person has their own star. When child was born new star appear in the sky and if the person die one star falls on the ground. Even occurrence of a star in the sky at night, means «Calm down, success has smiled to you » (107).

He divided stars into 8 kinds. They are the Right stars, right faced stars, West-frontal stars, and Shuida stars. For example: At born in odd year, odd month, odd number frontal stars in the West (Kybyla), etc. Are an opportunity to find secret of personal destiny on horoscope, finding a star on the number, month and year of birth (108). That is interesting, depends on color of a star, it appears, and it is possible to define formation of structure of a human body, the person, character and abilities (110).

For the person the star will be always interconnected with its organs of body and they will supervise. The healer should know conditionally if the person has lived a life fairly, without a harm, its star sparkles, and at people with dark soul the star grows dull, it and is proved Great Oteiboidak Tleukabyluly by the woman (199). The name of day of week (when there is on light a newborn) predicts, what person becomes it in the future.

For example: 1) Those who was born on Sunday and on Monday – will be healthy, not the hairsplitter, with a difficult character, maintenance; 2) those who was born on Tuesday and on Friday – faint-heartedness, severe, thoughtless, insensible; 3) those who was born on Saturday they are environmentalist, Thursday will brought up, clever, reflecting, constrained (110). This is exact definition of psychology of the person.

Similar human destiny defined with concurrence of their year, month, number, time of a birth, etc. And all, endurance, tolerance, intolerance, conformity, discrepancy, respectfulness, morbidity, disorder (untidiness) and other features directly are connected with a year of a birth of the person (looking on names of year: year of mouse, year of leopard, year of monkey, etc.) (296-298). Except for it there are also other data connected with day, four seasons (299-307). Thus everyone can learn about itself (himself) under this table (horoscope).

In «Treatise about healing» was written mainly about spiritual morals Allah, « The God protects who care himself» so is written in Koran Êarim», it has transferred Mohammed Prophet, and thus the great scientist calls people to glorify the Allah. The Allah has created the person from ground. The moon has created that the Allah has seen the person. Each full moon or the fifteenth days of a full moon of month are considered as “night” occurrence of Adam and Eve which were created by the Allah. To show the anger, the god that have learned Adam and Eve, 4 seasons have been created (summer, autumn, winter, spring, and the Allah suited people in 3 of some, one from above (in heavens) – surround a sign a throat, the second – we, in the middle – are surrounded for a waist, and the third – people under the ground, in the middle – are surrounded caviar (46).

If the person the most reasonable in the nature Allah sending feature, giant, the dwarf, who live near to the person, warns that checks reason-idea of mankind, helps to learn surprising secrets of the world.

Learning us, speaks about priceless of life, sweet of the child, fidelity the spouse which the God has connected to you, opens way of true, speaking that only the Allah knows and to give this happiness.

Doing the conclusion about where is birth, there is death that is the material law of alternation of life, warns that the person sends on a next world with accuracy with its time, for, hour and minute of its birth (100-101 p.).

We wish to tell, that that is spoken in «Treatise about healing» - the person dies there where it was born, and it is secret.

«Treatise about healing» learns the person of politeness, ethics, and reasonable aesthetics. Brings up it to abstain from bad acts, calls for mercy and to be careful of that is forbidden by religion of the Islam.

For example: an interdiction of the Islam from meal of 91 days, from drink of 85 days to distinguish kharam from khallam, to not touch to seven, to not touch to 41 and to keep with you 12.


I. Do not touch to seven


 1. Do not touch the young sprouts, in the blossoming spring.

 2. Do not touch insects in the spring.

 3. Do not touch in the spring that moves.

 4. Do not touch newborns in the spring.

 5. Never to touch the visitor.

 6. Never to touch the neighbor.

 7. Never to touch the ambassador.


II. Keep away from forty one.


1. Keep away from a snake horde.

2. Keep away from a lonely tree.

3. Keep away from cold sparrow.

4. Keep away from lonely in desert.

5. Keep away from an ant.

6. Keep away from coming grey fierce wolf.

7. Keep away from run of the country.

8. Keep away from a trouble-fire.

9. Keep away of High Mountain.

10. Keep away of the wounded predator.

11. Keep away of mourning people (population).

12. Keep away from malicious, angry.

13. Keep away of the greedy (insatiable) thief.

14. Keep away of a sacred place.

15. Keep away of a table (dastarkhan)

16. Keep away of the orphan.

17. Keep away of the widow.

18. Keep away of bad luck.

19. Keep away from crying men.

20. Keep away from running out saddles.

21. Keep away of the girl, belong to another.

22. Keep away of a place of honors on which you will sit down.

23. Keep away of a spring ice.

24 Keep away of passing dampness.

25. Keep away of excessive meal (food).

26. Keep away of superfluous meal.

27. Keep away of a headache.

28. Keep away of the dirty bribe taker.

29. Keep away of the citizen from other country (stranger).

30. Keep away from separating fight.

31. Keep away from prickly low.

32. Keep away from falling down cliff (a falling rock).

33. Keep away of taste of salt.

34. Keep away of cattle without the owner.

35. Keep away of the bewitched subject.

36. Keep away of the fisherman with insult.

37. Keep away of the harmless shepherd.

38. Keep away of the center seven where the smoke proceeds.

39. Keep away of a threshold bringing happiness.

40. Keep away of the dead man in the street.

41. Keep away from buried (to the ground).


These wills Oteiboidak of the woman shows reserves of value care, such as: do not collide, do not test oppressions, do not destroy, spare, beware, to protect. « The true - a sacred way, at bad behind breakage » - how to be spoken in a spiritual prediction of woman, we see that the future generation will reach happiness if it will be pure, truthful.


III. To keep with you twelve things


1.    Do not lose spirit at sorrow.

2.    Do not lose mind.

3.    Do not lose the leader, leading the country.

4.    Do not lose the improvisator (sheshen) (language – as a shot of a bullet).

5.    Do not lose people, in adversity it with you. (Do not consider itself great and others insignificant).

6.    Do not give out the secret; even you have lost your soul.

7.    Do not lose the wife, speaking that it is bad. Do not lose fire wood, speaking that you will move. 

8.    There is no person without ragy, do not lose cattle – it ready meal.

9.    Who could live without relatives, native, and friends.

10. Forty coins as kalgi, do not lose unique habitation.

11.  The person including the weapon, not throw five weapons.

12.  Do not lose honour and advantage up to the last.


We have the right to name it the present clairvoyance. Written five and a half of centuries ago such wise wills learn us to love the Native land, family, the friend native and to be true, to get rid from bad and to bring up in itself the present patriotism.

«Treatise about healing » opens one as about the historical legend and the name of a nationality. When Kuzgyn khan from Kypshak sorts 80 years, it were executed, causing to itself Zhaldash, nobility the healer from Khurasan, had told to him, - «I should live one thousand years». Then Zhaldash answered kunbi Kuzgun « Take with itself retinue from 300 people and rise up hill Orgash. One hundred person of retinue leave at bottom of mountain, one hundred – in the middle of mountain, and itself rise on the top. Let it will be (ordinary) midday of Friday. If will drink water from a spring of this top of mountain, and will eat, adding in food a grass similar to a palm with five fingers – will live one thousand years ». Itself Zhaldash though has resulted kunbi Kuzgun here, did not drink water. Did not eat a grass because, considered, that the Allah has not allowed it of it. kunbi Kuzgun  starts to blossom – hair have turned black. It for pleasure ordered to approach one hundred retinues located on top: « You have risen on great mountain, let more everyone will remain here and consider itself « Great zhuz », and to average hundreds – « as the Average zhuz », and one hundred at bottom of mountains, it is necessary to name itself « the Last zhuz » or « Younger zhuz».,

And from this times approve, there were three zhuz: Great, Average and Younger zhuz. And all kunbi Kuzgun has lived one thousand years. Lived 1000 kunbi Kuzgun have buried alive, as a young grass under it, growing through its body (130). We know, that prolong lives, a youth, all this in hands of the almighty Allah.

As it is written to annals how there was a name «Alash». Actually, in the first to an epoch, people corrected Sozgak and Kazgak Kunbi, after overthrow from throne Sozgak, on its place became Kazgak Kunbi. At Kazgak was forty arys (sarbazs). The national assembly of forty arysov referred to «Alash», this day have nicknamed the Great holiday of people (Ulistyn uly kuni). So, arys have suggested Kazgak Kunbi to name people (population) “Kazakh”, and since then there was a name “Kazakh”, about it and the woman proves Oteiboidak. And with decree Kazgak Kunbi the basis of the annals of the nation begins. But it was the incomplete annals (405-409).

Kazgak Kunbi publishes the Decree to celebrate three days « Nauryz Holiday» (13-15 date ergeu, on ours (Nauryz) March). As a result, from all left to collect the annals, come back 1200 person, and represent Kazgak Kunbi the general list of 92 descendants of three zhuz (419-421).

But we should admit that at last, late father of successor Tumenbai Istanbaiuly (let the ground will be down of the late) found many mistakes (422-426).

In the book «Treatise about healing» the great scientist and healer Oteiboidak Tleukabyluly there are terms (equivalent) of the most ancient times. The book is very useful and interesting to read (438-463 p.).

Oteiboidak Tleukabyluly (1388-1483) presumably was born in district Ajgaitas – Shalkode edges Zhetysu area of the Kazakh ground. Referring to it as it writes, was born in a year Irtek (Ulu) – till a year of the Dragon, From the Great Zhuz Zarman, and Zarman – Alban District of Almaty area Raiymbek – former area Narynkol.

Oteiboidak the woman, one century which has lived almost when to it 85 years were executed, has arrived in Àk Ordato Àz Zhanibek khan, to hand over «Treatise about healing», written on its order. But the enemy, breaking into khan’s horde, has sent on a next world most Àz Zhanibek khan. The woman it was hardly pulled out the enemy, and having put the manuscript on 5000 pages «Treatise about healing» in a bag, on the horse, in an integrity and safety has taken up to native Shalkode. On an old age of years, on command of that time, it has transferred the manuscript to the native brother Stamp.

After all it passing from father to son, after Stamping Raimbet, Shabyl, Konyr borik, Tamma, Burshak bi (1827-1828), in fifth time in 1932 the manuscript was stored at it, and in 1952, from old language has been translated on new together with teacher Katepom, then the book has been anew copied Katepom, and the original is destroyed. And all òàêè many sections are passed. Nurtai Tumenbaiuly is last successor of book. In 1968 “red” China, having pulled out from hands Nurtai the book, has burnt it. Nurtai has had time to rescue from a fire only 1095 scorched pages of the book. Later 23 years Nurtai having copied sixth time the book, hand over in printer house cities Urumchi. In 1994 it is published with the Arabian alphabet.

Let will bless us, native, that for the first time recognized by the Chinese people which makes more the one fifth part of people of all world, before spirit Oteiboidak of the woman have recognized parts of a mistake, heads and have rendered honour to a science of Kazakh people.

We do not know, where the great thinker, the traveller, healer Oteiboidak Tleukabyluly has received knowledge, but it gives the opinion, that completely a sign with works from Sacred Koran Êarim, works from a science of the east and thinkers of Kazakh people Al-Farabi, Zhusup Balasagun, etc. (378 p.).

An outstanding healer shares the ideas: «Let will be Abu-Nasir, let sak balasagun, let it there will be I – all of us go one by and one desire. They differ from me only verses, stories. Thus the general for a three consists – « To exist in a peace time ». Medical, psychological terminological sights are connected and continue roots of Greek thinkers’ Hippocratic, Aristotle and outstanding thinkers-philosophers Al-Farabi, Zh.Balasaguni, etc. the Proof of that is that in works of great scientist O.Tleukabyluly scientifically-medical requirements are kept.

Encyclopedic work « Treatise about healing » proves, at what high level it showed  knowledge of Kazakh people in that far Middle Ages.

Been born in sacred edge, as Zhetisu, beautiful nature Aigaitas – Shalkode, the childhood and extreme old age to the last gasp go on the ground, pride of people, great scientist Oteiboidak Tleukabyluyl not marketed dream so:

The life is a twisting road.

If the happiness will leave, will not collect other riches.

If will fall down, as the mountain will overtake heavy to mountain (grief),

Its destiny is foreordained by the Allah.

«Treatise about healing» five centuries has been continued anew later. By means of «Treatise about healing» new ways to development of a scientific basis of national healing have opened. There are no doubts that else its many secrets will reveal.

The great scientist, healer Oteiboidak as the clairvoyant, itself has predicted: « Though from me there will be no successor, after there will be I «Treatise about healing» which once will glorify me for the whole world », - and it this dream has come true. Founder Lukpan Khakim and Kipchakski kunbi Kudgun has presented one thousand years, thanks the Allah, that «Treatise about healing», for Oteiboidak has made eternally alive, has presented an eternal life. Let it will be a fruit of work and is ordered for Oteiboidak. As soon as the book has been published, scientists have begun studying and have estimated the book. Each (any) person reading with any ñòàðíèöû or section of the book « Legend about healing » can find a basis necessary to. I some times, readting through the book, at all did not notice the burned down pages of the book, felt, as if they are. Thus, itself cured, found the lacks, developed knowledge.

As has told woman Ujsyn Roofing felt áè:

The blessing when the son will be born,

The blessing when will go in the steps the father,

For shame,

The blessing if will know.

Today the country, all world has learned it « Legend about healing », and we trust, that the future generation âîçâëå÷èò it. The Allah let will give all mind, unity, force and a brotherhood.

Having lived hardly there is less than century, saw it is a lot of difficulties scientific Oteiboidak Tleukabyluly fixed the sight from apart on the high mountains with set of slopes, gorges, recollected the past, before eyes a chain as a Mirage there has passed all life, sighed with grief, probably, said goodbye to a reluctance with the Aigaitas which served as a fortress between two states.

It dreamed to immortalize memory of: « let even (if) I shall die, but you will not lose the heights, washing the soul will soar above you, eternally opening your name to all world », - that today it became true.

It its last words – the order to the future generation which it has written eyes full of tears and shivering hands saying goodbye with the unique partner in life, - « Legend about healing ».

About, the World!

It was not executed my dream, has disappeared,

Have not allowed it to rise up to top.

Oteiboidak, the father has named me,

The bad name, bad sign did not give me rest,

There was no posterities, end Oteiboidak,

Has remained « Legend about healing » memory of me.

It too posterity if who understands,

There was a popularity connected with language words broken off heart Oteiboidak after five and a half of centuries, let its shower will be happy to citizens to Kazakhs of two countries which tried to transform them into a symbol of pleasure, yes the Allah will protect, will calm to its shower, yes will light up people merciful light!


Ziadan Kozhalymov.   The newspaper «Kazakh uni», December, 1998.




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